What is the ideal body size?woman-before-a-mirror-1877
Who says so?
The mirror?     The media?
Your parents?     Your doctor?

Living in a culture where our shape defines us is a challenge. One size doesn’t fit us all.

The result? Negative body image, all too often leading to low self-esteem, eating disorders and disordered eating. Whatever your age, religion, culture or gender.

As an experienced body-image activist and educator my talks, presentations and workshops – tailored to your school, parents, women’s group or organisation – help you to make sense of this culture of ‘thin’.  An engaging and insightful speaker, these are some of the issues I cover:

  • The dangers of size discrimination and weight stigma.
  • How we can build body confidence in all cultures by celebrating diversity.
  • Explaining obesity: the truth, lies and statistics behind the epidemic.
  • Food, weight and shape:eating disorders through the ages and communities.

On my blog page you will find interviews with eating disorder advocates and body image activists, comment and book reviews. The Resource pages list supportive organisations and websites and, coming soon (by popular request), my personal selection of ‘Good Reads.’

Opinions and views? Excellent!  The Weight Debate is an open-ended conversation –  if you’ve a piece that I can feature, re-post or review so much the better – please get in touch!