What is the ideal body size?
Who says so?
The mirror? The media?
Your parents? Your doctor?

Living in a culture where our shape defines us is a challenge. One size doesn’t fit us all.

My name is Jeryl Scurr, and since 2014 I have been speaking on this issue – providing groups, health professionals and schools with what I believe is a fresh, balanced and thought-provoking discussion on obesity, weight stigma and body acceptance.

An experienced educator, my talks, presentations and workshops  help you to make sense of the conflicting messages coming through to us, our families and our communities.

A passionate and engaging speaker, these are some of the talks I offer:-

  • Doesn’t Every BODY Deserve Respect?
  • A Crisis of Obesity: Truth, Lies and Statistics.
  • Feasting and Fasting: Body Image and Eating Issues in Ethnic Communities.
  • First Do No Harm: Helping Health Professionals to Help Patients.

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While visiting my site do have a look at my Resources page as well as my very own Weight Debate Library. Here you will find some of my favourite books on obesity, weight stigma, eating disorders, and body acceptance.