Jeryl Scurr’s interest in women’s issues and our society’s obsession with weight and body image began over 25 years ago.

Her research into the subject was triggered by teaching History and Women’s Studies at a girl’s school, where she witnessed at first hand the effect poor body image had on her students.

Those years spent teaching and researching are the foundation for this website, and of the selection of talks, workshops and presentations on offer.

Jeryl grew up in the U.S., but after studying at London University she decided to make her life in the UK. This has given her an Anglo-American perspective on our culture of thin.

As a parent she has had first-hand experience of the societal pressures young people experience – and it’s not getting any better. As an older adult she can understand how the fastest growing group with eating disorders is the 50+ age group.

She passionately believes that one size doesn’t fit all.

That we must be active, not passive.

Because only then can we ultimately influence the weight debate.


Jeryl is a supporter of the UK Government’s Body Confidence Campaign. Her memberships include ASDAH, the Association for Size Diversity & Health, NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association (US) and BEAT, the UK’s leading Eating Disorder Association. She is also a member of the PSHE Association.