My obsessive interest in society’s obsession with body size began over 25 years ago.

Why? Teaching History and Women’s Studies at a girl’s school I witnessed at first hand the effect poor body image had on my students.

We are all feeling the impact of a society where your shape defines you…and it’s getting worse, not better.

I decided I must do SOMETHING.

As I love teaching and speaking I set up the Weight Debate. Now I use my talks (and much humour) to help people better deal with the obesity epidemic, and it’s fall out of weight stigma, disordered eating and poor body image.

My mission is to speak to as many people as possible –  for the lowest cost possible!

SO…how did this New York girl get here? Well, after studying at London University I decided to stay, and have made my life in the UK. My strong links to the US have given me an Anglo-American perspective which can be quite interesting…!

I’m also a parent, so I’ve first-hand experience of the societal pressures young people experience – and it’s not getting any better. As an older adult I understand how the fastest growing group with eating disorders is the 50+ age group.

I passionately believe that one size doesn’t fit all.

That we must be active, not passive.

Because only then can we ultimately influence the weight debate….

Interested in a talk?  You can contact me on, message me via Twitter @weightdebate or use the Contact form –  I will come back to you shortly!

 Did you know?

I am a supporter of the UK Government’s Body Confidence Campaign. My memberships include ASDAH, the Association for Size Diversity & Health, NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association (US) and BEAT, the UK’s leading Eating Disorder Association. I am also a member of the PSHE Association.