“Eating Disorders for Dummies”

Has anyone NOT heard of the “XXX for Dummies” series?

I love books.

It’s genetic – I’m at least a 4th generation bookie. Give me a good book and I assure you nothing else gets done.

So there I was in a favourite bookshop when I came across, under the Health section, a book which rather stunned me: ‘Addiction and Recovery for Dummies.’

Ok, if it helps…(and they have sold millions). But what made me uneasy was the thought that there might also be an “Eating Disorders for Dummies“.

Yes. There is.

Why, on principal, am I uneasy about this book? Before I’ve even read it?

Eating disorders are complicated. Very. There is so much misconception, misinformation and misguided advice that seeing the words ‘Eating Disorders’ in the same sentence as the word ‘dummies’ fundamentally concerns me.

Should it?

Have you read this book? What do you think?