“Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle with Anorexia” by Harriet Brown


There are good, bad and ugly books, each contributing their individual experience of the eating disorder which is anorexia nervosa.

I’m looking forward to reviewing many of these, and also to presenting your opinions of books which impact the weight debate.

(Have a book you’ve already reviewed? Why not give it another outing on this page – I’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch!)

As one size doesn’t fit all, then surely one book on anorexia doesn’t suit us all. To paraphrase Tolstoy, all happy families are alike, but every family’s experience of anorexia is different.

This is why we need all these books. Because we have so much to learn.Brave Girl Eating amazon

Brave Girl Eating, written in 2010 by Harriet Brown, author, and professor of magazine journalism at Syracuse University in New York state, has much to offer. Brown is also a science journalist whose work has featured in the New York Times Science section and other publications.

Some reviews and comments were rather divided, which I would expect given the strength of feeling when dealing with eating disorders and treatment options.

According to Amazon:

“In BRAVE GIRL EATING Harriet Brown describes how her family, with the support of an open-minded pediatrician and a therapist, helped her daughter recover from anorexia using a family-based treatment developed at the Maudsley Hospital in London. Chronicling her daughter Kitty’s illness from the earliest warning signs, through its terrifying progression, and on toward recovery, Brown takes us on one family’s journey into the world …continue reading “Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle with Anorexia” by Harriet Brown