5* Leading Authorities Talk Obesity and Solutions

The 5x15 speakers.

Taking questions from the audience

5*: Professor Phillip James, George Monbiot, Dr. Michael Mosley, A.A. Gill and Jamie Oliver.

The London-based seminar series 5 x 15 (five speakers speaking for 15 minutes) recently hosted The 5×15 Food Fight and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to this sold-out event at the Royal Geographical Society.

Just as the country is waiting to read the overdue UK Government Paper on tackling obesity, so we waited to hear these five ‘stars’ impart their views on everything to do with obesity,Type II diabetes, food production, sugar and the importance, nay, the necessity of having a TABLE to eat on. According to A.A. Gill, this is crucial to – if not world peace – than world svelteness.

I diligently scribbled away on my notepad on behalf of the many who were unable to get a ticket, or who live on another continent. Hopefully you will find my notes of interest!

(The bold print are statements I found quite striking – feel free to disagree.)

The 5×15 Food Fight was chaired by Rosie Boycott, feminist, foodie, ex-editor, Food Adviser to the Mayor of London and a co-founder of the 5 x 15 series.**

In her introduction Boycott queried and criticized the continuing delay of the Government Paper, which will outline its strategy to tackle obesity. Where, she asked, was the sense of urgency as children are ‘being subjected to a lifetime of ill-health’?

First up to tell us about the ‘size of the problem’ was Professor Phillip James, currently President of the International Association for …continue reading 5* Leading Authorities Talk Obesity & Solutions.