Just how did body size become one of the ‘biggest’ issues of our time?

I set up the Weight Debate in order to provide groups, health professionals and schools with what I believe is a fresh, unbiased and compassionate take on obesity, weight stigma and body acceptance.

I love speaking and I love listening, so I’d love to hear from you!

My talks – guaranteed to provoke conversation and debate – include:-

  • Doesn’t Every BODY Deserves Respect?
  • Don’t “Weigh” Your Self-Esteem: Building Body Confidence.
  • A Crisis of Obesity: Truth, Lies and Statistics.
  • Is Fat (Still) a Feminist Issue?
  • Feasting and Fasting: Body Image and Eating Issues in Ethnic Communities.
  • First Do No Harm: Helping Health Professionals Help Patients.



My one-hour talk or presentation engages and entertains, is backed up by a powerful visual presentation and allows time for Q&A’s. All talks are tailored to suit my audience, be it 11+ or 60+.


A Weight Debate workshop provides teaching and interactive activities designed to help you counter negative messages about health and bodies. You leave feeling motivated and equipped with the practical skills to support a healthy, confident body image.