Just how did body size become one of the ‘biggest’ issues of our time?

I set up the Weight Debate in 2013 in order to provide schools and groups with what I believe is a fresh, unbiased and compassionate take on obesity, weight stigma and body acceptance.

I love speaking and I love listening, so I’d like to from you. Use the contact page or email me direct on Jeryl@WeightDebate.co.uk and I will be in touch.

My talks – guaranteed to provoke conversation and debate – include:-

  • Doesn’t Every BODY Deserves Respect?
  • Don’t “Weigh” Your Self-Esteem: Building Body Confidence.
  • A Crisis of Obesity: Truth, Lies and Statistics.
  • Is Fat (Still) a Feminist Issue?
  • Feasting and Fasting: Body Image and Eating Issues in Ethnic Communities.
  • First Do No Harm: Helping Health Professionals Help Patients.



My one-hour talk or presentation engages and entertains, is backed up by a powerful visual presentation and allows time for Q&A’s. Content and visual aids are tailored to suit the audience, be it 11+ or 60+.


A Weight Debate workshop provides teaching and interactive activities designed to help counter negative messages about health and bodies. You leave feeling motivated and equipped with the practical skills to support a healthy, confident body image.