Explore the world of thin….

The business of thin The Business of Thin
Big Bucks! The dieting, drug and beauty industries all hugely benefit from negative body image. Can Governments and health services battling obesity really do anything in the face of this $100 billion dollar industry? Can individuals?
 The culture of thin The Culture of Thin
Thin = beautiful and healthy. Fat = ugly and unhealthy. Celebrity worship, social media and the rise of Photoshop appear unstoppable. Is it any surprise that minds and bodies lack confidence? Just how far has the media contributed to our distorted view of body shape?
 The history of thin The History of Thin
From medieval to modern times body shape has been influenced by fashion, class, religion and money. The historical perspective becomes even more relevant when we consider it wasn’t that long ago that fat was a sign of wealth and health. (And still is in some cultures). What has changed?
 The society of thin The Society of Thin
Are we heading for a new form of class distinction where thinness displays your social class? How do employers discriminate against the overweight? With obesity now a disease and society becoming fat-phobic we ask: is fat more of a social issue than a feminist issue?
 The religion of thin The Religion of Thin
Diet or Deity? Is thinness the worship of a higher power – will power? When did body size become a moral and ethical issue? Tried the “Jesus Diet”? And who wrote: “Like religion, dieting requires self denial, holds a promise of rewards and requires a belief in miracles”. Find out.
 The literature of thin The Literature of Thin
This diet book will “change/improve/save your life….” Again and again and again. Explore weight loss & fat acceptance writings, the new world of Fat Studies and Fat Politics, blogs and websites, all focused on one thing – your body.

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