I have created this post to provide simple definitions for some of the phrases, words, terms you may find... Read More

People-First Language…

Now, more than any other time I can recall (and I go back a while) the words we use... Read More

Eating Disorders in Ethnic Communities

For the purposes of this post: “Ethnicity is tied to a person’s culture, and can be made up of... Read More

The Weight Debate - blog post with Obesity Epidemic sign

The Obesity Epidemic: Part Two

The causes of obesity are so complex and varied that I’ve used two posts simply to give an overview.... Read More

The Obesity Epidemic: Part One

The causes of obesity are complex. I’m often asked to explain, so in this first of a series of... Read More

Weight Debate - Junk food

The 5×5 Food Fight

From the Weight Debate archive: Because some things never change. A few years ago I managed to attend this... Read More

The Weight Debate: Picture of women with scales and fingers pointing at her, shaming her.

Weight: Shaming, Stigma and Bias

In this post I have attempted to give you an introduction to fat shaming, weight stigma, and weight bias.... Read More

The Weight Debate - Image of scale saying Self-Image

Body Image in Ethnic Communities

Of course you can change your body! What is it like to grow up in a society where the... Read More

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