What No One Tells You About Weight (Loss)

What No One Tells You About Weight (Loss)

My most popular talk – I’ll repeat it online later this year but until then have a read below,... Read More

Why It’s Time to Stop Weight Bias

Why It’s Time to Stop Weight Bias

Recently the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) approached me to work with them on their new campaign – Stop Weight... Read More

Scale says don't weigh your self esteem. You are not a number on a scale.Don't weigh your self esteem

Updated: ‘Tips via tweets’ for diet January…February, March, etc, etc,

In January my tweets focused on helping us resist the avalanche of negative messages about our bodies we receive... Read More


I have created this post to provide simple definitions for some of the phrases, words, terms you may find... Read More

People-First Language…

Now, more than any other time I can recall (and I go back a while) the words we use... Read More

Signs saying mental health, eating disorders and diets.

Eating Disorders in Ethnic Communities

For the purposes of this post: “Ethnicity is tied to a person’s culture, and can be made up of... Read More

The Weight Debate - blog post with Obesity Epidemic sign

The Obesity Epidemic: Part Two

The causes of obesity are so complex and varied that I’ve used two posts simply to give an overview.... Read More

The Obesity Epidemic: Part One

The causes of obesity are complex. I’m often asked to explain, so in this first of a series of... Read More

Weight Debate - Junk food

The 5×5 Food Fight

From the Weight Debate archive: Because some things never change. A few years ago I managed to attend this... Read More

The Weight Debate: Picture of women with scales and fingers pointing at her, shaming her.

Weight: Shaming, Stigma and Bias

In this post I have attempted to give you an introduction to fat shaming, weight stigma, and weight bias.... Read More

The Weight Debate - Image of scale saying Self-Image

Body Image in Ethnic Communities

Of course you can change your body! What is it like to grow up in a society where the... Read More

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