So many books…so little time…

In this section you will find books on body image, eating disorders, obesity, diet culture, body size and weight stigma – fiction and non-fiction – chosen to empower, encourage and entertain you.

(I’ve tried to tag each review, however, there really are as many ‘categories’ as there are body sizes!)

Have a favourite book you would like to recommend or review? A previous review I can repost? Do get in touch!

It's really all about the science of why some of us do, and some of us don't gain weight. This 'anti- diet' diet book by a geneticist shows how obesity is complicated. While our environment has changed, our genes have not. 

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Well, quite a few people do tell fat girls what they think, and believe it is their 'right' to do so - excused by “it’s for your health” or through pure nastiness.

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Big Brother

by Lionel Shriver,

The author, whose own brother died from obesity-related causes, tells the story of just what happens when Pandora's big brother, Edison, visits after a few years absence - with a weight gain of 200lbs+.  Do we, she asks, have a duty to intervene?


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Ignore the title. Kinzel writes astutely and movingly. Soon you are caught up in her thoughts and musings on fat acceptance, body politics, a lifetime 'wasted' dieting as well as the importance of fashionable clothes. A very human call to action that we should accept all bodies.

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