So many books…so little time…

In this section you will find books on body image, eating disorders, obesity, diet culture, body size and weight stigma – fiction and non-fiction – chosen to empower, encourage and entertain you.

(I’ve tried to tag each review, however, there really are as many ‘categories’ as there are body sizes!)

Have a favourite book you would like to recommend or review? A previous review I can repost? Do get in touch!

Fat is a Feminist Issue

by Susie Orbach,

One of the first books to discuss the complexities of emotional, compulsive and binge eating in the context of female inequality, 'FIFI' also led with its central message: diets don’t work if we don’t first understand, and then deal with, the reasons for overeating. Because fat is never just about food.....


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Fat (2nd edition)

by Deborah Lupton,

Can a thin person write about 'fat'? Academic Deborah Lupton asks this question and others as she puts 'fat' into the context of popular culture. She shows how our views impact weight bias and fat stigma and are the product of our obsession with body size. What is fat, really? 

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It's no surprise that social and economic inequalities create poor health.  Including obesity. Is there a solution?  None, according to the author, until Government policy targets the sources: education, social mobility and poverty. 

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