Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works

This ground-breaking book was unique in asserting we can make ‘peace with food’ by accepting our legitimate hunger and eating to satisfy it, thus starting the 'intuitive eating' movement. 

Intuitive Eating Author - Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch

Evelyn Tribole is an award winning registered dietitian and the author of 9 books.

Elyse Resch is a nutritional therapist specialising in eating disorders, Intuitive Eating and is a certified child and adolescent obesity expert.


Review by Jeryl Scurr

“Have you forgotten what you really like to eat and instead eat what you should eat? “

When published in 1995 I wondered if this book would actually change anything, and if it wasn’t just another diet book masquerading as an anti-diet book.

(You have to remember that the ‘non-diet’ diet book is a recent invention of the diet industry, of course.)

Almost 25 years later Intuitive Eating has inspired many with a disordered relationship with food to go back to first principals.

To attempt to return to a time -long, long ago- when food was, well food. Not an enemy, not good or bad, not endowed with virtuous or super nutritional powers.

A time when you could eat without judgement from others, or yourself.

Whatever your size.

“For adults, the intuitive eating process has been buried for a long time.”

No restrictions are quite revolutionary for long term dieters, most of whom know that diets don’t work but still blame themselves instead of their disordered relationship with food.

“Intuitive eating is a peace movement. It’s ending the war with your body…diet culture would have us believe all the rules we have around food as gospel because they are all, in some way, focused on the thin ideal; that any body other than a thin one, is wrong.” – Aaron Flores, RDN, What does intuitive eating mean? NEDA, 2018


“Dieting is a form of short term starvation.”

“Consequently, when you are given the first opportunity to really eat, eating is often experienced at such intensity that it feels uncontrollable, a desperate act.”

“In the moment of biological hunger all intentions to diet and the desire to be thin become fleeting and paradoxically irrelevant.”

Why I Chose Intuitive Eating

I have appreciated this book for 25 years. I’ve watched its message progress into a movement endorsed by eating disorder experts and psychologists.

A movement that has helped so many suffering a disordered relationship with food and body size.

We can all trust our body with food…only if we allow it.

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