How did body size become one of the ‘biggest’ issues of our time?

Who doesn’t know someone affected by their weight, and the critical, negative messages surrounding our body size?

Post Covid we need a fresh, compassionate conversation.

So, let’s talk weight.

Each talk, now available on-line, is designed to engage, educate and provoke discussion.

Don’t forget, the Weight Debate is a non-profit so my only request is a charitable donation and any out of pocket expenses.

Yes, for an experienced speaker and teacher this is possible!

Choose from a wide range of titles to reflect your group’s interests, including:

  • Doesn’t Every BODY Deserve Respect?
  • A Crisis of Obesity? Truth, Lies, and Statistics.
  • 7 Stops & 7 Starts to Building Body Confidence.
  • Is Fat (Still) a Feminist Issue?
  • Feasting & Fasting: Body Image and Eating Issues in Ethnic Communities.
  • What No One tells you about Weight (Loss).

What can you expect from an on-line talk?

Activities and Strategies:

We discuss and explore, using interactive activities to spark debate. As well as great graphics I also bring a New York sense of humour to all my sessions!

Ever practical, I will give you tools you can use straight away – not one day.

Empathy & Sensitivity:

My own experiences make me sensitive and understanding – much needed when discussing weight.


You will get science based evidence, not wishful thinking.

Time for questions, and answers:

I want you to leave my sessions with confidence and perhaps, questioning your way of thinking up to now. So, ask away…

Why not join me for an on-line talk?

I love speaking and I love listening, so I’d love to talk to you!

Talks & Workshops

Talks are on-line (for now), via Zoom or your preferred medium. Lasting 45-60 minutes, they include plenty of time for Q&A – they need to! (Workshops are on hold.)

The Weight Debate also provides specific talks and presentations for:


Health Care Providers

Human Resources

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