My most popular talk – I’ll repeat it online later this year but until then have a read below, or contact me directly if you’re interested in this talk for your group or organisation!

Why is it so difficult to lose weight, and so easy to regain it?

Too many of us blame ourselves for our weight. During my talk you’ll learn that our weight is much more complicated that they tell us.

And, when, inevitably, the next diet fails? We feel guilt, shame, and frustration. We blame ourselves even when studies show that 95% of diets fail.

(Have you ever thought it’s the diet which has failed you – not you the diet?)

If your weight is even higher after years of dieting, if you’ve ever wondered just why you cannot lose weight or lose it only to put it on again and again – this is the talk for you!

When you understand the complex causes behind your weight you can begin to treat yourself with compassion and gain the resillience you need in our one- size-fits-all world.

During my talk I will

  • Show you how far genetics and biology influence your weight.
  • Show you the negative effect of social media, and what to do about it.
  • Explain how the food industry keeps you eating. (And how to fight them).
  • Tell you why it suits governments to claim it’s ‘all your responsibility’.
  • Explain how to use body acceptance to fight fat phobia & fat shaming.

There will be lots of powerful graphics, after which we can chat about anything I’ve covered – or left out!

I know how hard to it is. I’ve been there. Let’s talk…

Booking details:

I founded The Weight Debate as a non-profit, so tickets are free. Registration will be through Eventbrite, and the talk will take place via Zoom.

Booking details will be sent after registration. If you’d like any other info you can contact me via, or use my contact page. Easy!

PS: Of course, this is not the talk for you if you’re looking for diet advice. There’s plenty of that about, but not here.

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